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Sitie Impianti Industriali SpA has its own Code of Ethics which serves to synthesize the values, ideas, principles to be followed as a model for the individual and collective behavior of those working in the Company and for the Company.

The Code of Ethics is a tool available to all, effective in defining the role in the social acting, in guiding our conscious and responsible behavior, ensuring the effective management of business transactions and human relationships, while supporting the reputation of the Company.

The above mentioned code is a fundamental part of the Model of Organization, management and control pursuant to the Legislative Decree 231 of 08/06/2001.

Such Decree has introduced into the Italian system the administrative responsibilities of the companies for certain offenses committed by employees, in the interest and benefit of the same company, with subsequent pecuniary fines and disqualifications imposed on the Company. However, the Decree foresees the Company's exemption from such liability if they demonstrate that they have:

  • effectively and efficiently adopted a model of internal control designed to prevent the foreseen penalties;
  • entrusted to a body with independent powers of initiative and control the task of overseeing the operation and compliance of the Templates and their update.

The adoption of this Model by Sitie ensures an effective operative instrument for the protection of the interests and integrity of the Company, significantly reducing the risk of committing offenses and the resulting debit of fines and sanctions.

The appointed supervisory Body is responsible of monitoring and regularly reviewing the effectiveness of the Model, reporting any deficiencies and constantly informing the Board of Directors.

All Third Party Beneficiaries, if interested, can address reports or requests for information on SITIE Model to the following email address:

Ethical Code