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Electrical and Instrumentation Installation - HSE

SITIE Impianti Industriali Spa Safety and Environment Management System is certified by RINA Spa in compliance with the International standards OHSAS 18001 and ISO 14001 since 2003.
In 2010 a further certification was obtained (DNV) in compliance with the standard VCA/SCC 2008/5.1.

The HSE management system is based on a cyclical process that has as its basis the risk assessment evaluation (probability, severity and frequency of occurrence), the development of operational plans that include the methods to eliminate or mitigate the potential risks and the environmental protection (through investment in technology, systems of risk control, audit, training and information sessions), the definition of objectives, targets, responsibilities, and standard operating procedures (to carry out the activities safely) and the continuous monitoring of activities (evaluation, measurement and correction of work and individual performance).

SITIE considers the Health and Safety at work and the environmental protection as primary values and ensures their protection in carrying out its activities by taking all possible measures and initiatives.
In addition to the compliance to legal obligations, SITIE undertakes to adopt the principles, standards and solutions that constitute the "best practices" of its field.
The design, construction and maintenance activities are carried out by preparing operational methods, management and monitoring procedures and ensuring always more effective organizational structures in order to reduce the risks and preserve the health and safety of the workers, third parties and everyone involved in the productive activities.
The environmental protection is pursued in an integrated manner. SITIE considers the respect and protection of the environment of primary importance in achieving its development objectives and proper integration of its activities in the territories in which it operates.
The principles of the environmental policy foresee the respect of the regulations in force and the adoption of standards and solutions for the environment respect, including the rational use of energy, the differentiated waste disposal and prevention of any form of pollution.

The management bodies and all workers are responsible - according to their role and responsibilities - of the execution of what is stated in the corporate policies and of the compliance of their own behaviour to the principles.
SITIE commits itself to spread its values to the employees, suppliers and subcontractors and ensure the human, technical and financial resources necessary to achieve its own goals. It also undertakes to develop a relationship of constructive cooperation, marked by the utmost transparency and trust, both internally and externally.

Policy for quality, safety and environment
Policy on alcohol and drug
Policy on dangerous substances
Policy for the social responsibility