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Products - Quality


SITIE experience in the production of cable trays and the firm will to manage its own processes in accordance with a national known standard (the first certificate of ISO 9001 was issued in 1997) has led the company to continuous improvement.
The continuous development and constant focus on customer satisfaction has laid the groundwork for the creation of a department dedicated to quality management.
The ratio of cross-functional communication and collaboration that SITIE has always wanted among the different functional and operative areas of operations has led to the creation of a fast and clear management system, in which any process is defined and monitored.

This monitoring includes:

  • Supplier management: they must guarantee certain characteristics in order to be qualified by SITIE;
  • Control of every stage of production and intermediate steps:
    • Type tests (continuity test, load test, etc...);
    • Systematic checks (check of the dimensions of the produced parts compared to the design drawings and the required tolerances;
  • Final inspection and release of the product for shipping/pickup.

To strengthen this system, since 2005, SITIE products, already CE marked, obtained by the certification body IMQ, the product certification in accordance with the technical standard IEC EN 61537 (Ducts systems and accessories for cables, Cable tray/ladder systems type PFL, PTR,PTRL).


The management of safety within the company aims to ensure the compliance with the regulations in force about the prevention and protection of the worker's health.

The particular sensitivity of the Management to these issues has not only ensured the timely application of the regulations in force, but the implementation of a safety management system.

As a direct result of this, procedures have been developed dedicated to the various activities of the plant aimed at determining the correct methods of processing steps to eliminate prevent and/or protect against the present risks.

The continuous awareness and training of operational personnel are completing what is put in place to protect the safety and health of workers.

The recognition of adequacy to the international standard OHSAS 18001 since 2003, among the first certifications obtained in Italy demonstrates SITIE's' commitment to achieve its own foreseen objectives.

Similarly, the Management pays always attention to the protection of the environmental aspects involved in its activities within the context in which it is situated.

The respect of the regulations in force and the achievement of the defined objectives have led to obtain the certification for its environmental management system according to 14001 standards since 2003.

Despite activities of SITIE have a limited impact on the environment; the following activities are constantly kept under control:

  • All waste is stored and disposed of as provided by the law in force;
  • Are monitored:
    • The smoke emissions of the plants/ the welding work stations;
    • The produced environmental noise;
    • The control of the thermic power plants;
    • The energy consumptions;
    • The raw materials consumptions;
    • The usage of natural resources;
    • The soil protection;
    • Etcetera.
  • The indirect environmental aspects related to the activities on which the company does not have full management control but still a degree of influence are also taken into account (i.e. suppliers in outsourcing, subcontractors, etc.).